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On Saturday, July 11th, come out and support your favorite local bar! We are all opening from 12pm to 6pm to sell our alcohol inventory TO GO! We will be practicing SAFETY and social distancing guidelines and will be selling our inventory and merchandise to help pay our bills while our bars are shut down. Alcohol will only be sold for OFF PREMISES consumption as mandated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. PLEASE come out and support your favorite watering hole. WE ALL WANT TO STAY IN BUSINESS!!! Click the banner above for a list of participating bars.

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Click on the picture above If you are able to DONATE to help the out of work bartenders and bar owners who still have bills piling up, they would greatly appreciate your help

We are a team of life long bar owners who feel that bars are discriminated against and are often portrayed in a negative way by our local, state, and national government leaders.
Because of the pandemic and the mandatory shut down of our bars, we are taking a united front against the discrimination that we have endured during this unprecedented time.
We are committed to changing the perception that bars are not an essential business through awareness campaigns, events, and education.
We need your help spreading the word that bars ARE an essential part of every community. Please support our events, share our social media information and support your local bars!

Orlando News Coverage of Our Movement

Virtual Ride to Reopen

Holly Hill Mayor Chris Via asks Governor DeSantis to Reopen Bars

Mayor Chris Via Goes to Bat for Bar Owners
Holly Hill Mayor Chris Via has sent a plea to Governor Ron DeSantis to reopen bars in Florida.  You can click on the image to the left to read the full letter. We want to thank the Mayor for sticking up for small business owners and their employees and doing his part to help stop the discrimination against bar owners in Florida. 

Pictures from the Virtuual Ride to Reeopen

Photo Credit: Karen Romano Adams - Moments that Rock Magazine - Beyond Daytona 
Share the video Please help us get the word out by sharing this page and this video with everyone you know. Please help us fight for the rights of our employees and help get them back to work.  Make plans to join us THIS SATURDAY (5/23) for the "Virtual Ride to Reopen". All you have to do is go to a designated stop for about 30 minutes and help us send a message to the capital.  BARS R ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES. 
Veteran's Lose Their Freedom  On memorial Day Weekend, many Veteran's come together at local VFW's, American Legions and AMVETS to have ceremonies and remember the fallen.   This Memorial Day Weekend, those that fought for our freedom, will not have the freedom to gather together and pay their respects. Right next door or down the road, the local restaurant will be hopping, with beyond acceptable capacity and live music. But the local Veteran's Posts are considered bars so they can not open. It's a travesty and it does not have to be this way. 
Tail of Two Businesses How is it possible that two businesses, just 50 feet apart are treated so differently? You can walk into one, order a beer, drink it and leave. But the state of Florida says that you can not walk into the other, order a beer and leave. Why? Because Bars are being discriminated against.  Bars are businesses too and Florida is making it impossible for these local businesses to hold on.  It was fine when everyone had to close, but now that (nearly) every business is allowed to start their recovery, bars are NOT being treated fairly. 
 "Abraham Lincoln was a Bartender"

What's the difference between restaurant distance vs. bars distance? It's the same thing. It is unconstitutional to shut down businesses under a Government emergency order. Government officials don't even mention bars in statements concerning reopening, like bars don't even exist.  It's like they are trying to make regular bars obsolete. We can take the same safety precautions as restaurants.

- Mark Slonicki - Mark's Sports Pub and Mark and Jill's Village Tavern

Latest Blog Entries

I am a bar owner.
By Patricia MIracle | |

I am a bar owner.

Although I qualify as a “small business owner”, I will no longer refer to myself as such. Let me say this again loud and clear: 

Save Our Bars
By FrankScott | |
So this Saturday we send a message to the capital. you cannot discriminate against businesses.

 "Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis, Ellen DeGeneres, Mila Kunis, Russell Crowe, Ronda Rousey, Debbie Harry, Mark Cuban and Jon Stewart have all been Bartenders"

Patti Miracle / Bar Owner


Bars have long been an essential element in our society.   One of the earliest recorded bars in the world, Sean’s Bar in Athlone, Ireland, dates back to 900 AD and is still operating as a bar today.  When passing through even the smallest towns across our country, a neighborhood bar can be found alongside the tiny Post Office or Police Station. In rural towns, a bar may be one of the few small businesses open to travelers.    The neighborhood bar is a valuable source of information. The bar owner and patrons can recommend the best restaurants, hotels, and auto repair shops. From self proclaimed history buffs to local heroes, there is an endless array of local information and topical conversations to partake in at your local bar.  Bars are the hub for a plethora of life experiences. Almost everyone has at least one “bar” story that can be shared. Whether it’s a first job or a blind date, bars have played a role in each of our lives. For some people, bars represent family. Birthdays, holidays, weddings, milestones and achievements are celebrated in bars. Meetings are planned and business deals are hashed out at bars. Networking events supporting other businesses are held at bars. A bar can also represent our heavy hearted life moments. From a celebration of life or mourning a loved one’s passing, the loss of a job or a failed relationship, comfort and support can be found at the neighborhood bar.  Bars host a variety of charitable events. Bar owners coordinate fundraisers for all types of charities and causes. Many bars are well-known for helping locals in need in their own communities. Food and toy drives, poker runs, and BBQ’s are hosted to raise donations for people in their community that suffer a life altering crisis that renders them needing assistance. Bars bring people together for a common cause. It is impossible to determine the amount of money raised for charities by all the bars in our country!  In May 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 47,910 bartenders in Florida drinking establishments. This statistic does not include the bar owners, cocktail servers, bar backs, or any of the various other employment positions that help make a bar successful.  Bars have a positive financial impact on our economy.  Throughout history, bars have represented indiscriminate employment. Bars have been a source of income for students working their way through college, for actors, artists, and entertainers needing income as they work toward their “big break”, for married or single parents supporting their families, career changes, or even just a need for extra income…working in a bar has always been a viable option for many.  Bars have always been a staple of the music scene. Some of the biggest artists in music today started their careers by playing in bars. Most bars offer live music which gives bands and all types of musicians a stage to share their talent. Bars are a strong source of income for anyone in the music, comedy, karaoke, and other entertainment businesses.  The bar industry supports many other industries such as marketing and advertising companies, printing companies, beverage distributors, restaurant/bar supplies, soda and snack distributors, photographers, maintenance and equipment repair companies, and even security companies.  Based on the historical, statistical, economical, social, and personal impact bars have on our communities, bars have proven to be an essential part of our economy.  We believe wholeheartedly that BARS ARE ESSENTIAL! 


Patti Miracle and Frank Scott

"Speakeasies were largely responsible for liberating women  and getting them on equal footing as men"

Sign your bar up to be promoted through this site and through social media pages. You will also be eligible to receive donations to help with your day to day bills as well as helping your employees get through this difficult time.  This program is for bars that were forced to close with no source of revenue. Every business has been effected by this crisis, but bars without food sales or package service have been hit the hardest with no opportunity to bring in any revenue.  


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"During part of the American Colonial period, owners of taverns  had higher social status than ministers"


More bars are being added everyday. If you know a bar owner forced to be closed during this time, ask them to register with with us. 


“There’s no free lunch.” Pennsylvania bars used to give free sandwiches to those who bought beer to drink with them. The state passed a law in 1917 outlawing this. Some bars then began to sell sandwiches and give away the beer